Limited Edition

Organic Cotton Bath Range

What goes better with organic tea than a bath? As soon as we experienced Ikeuchi Organic bath products, we knew we had to find a way to be involved. This select organic cotton and bamboo bath towel ranges is beautifully crafted by our Japanese partners to the world’s highest ecological, ethical and quality standards. Add long-lasting luxury and functional style to your bath routine, or give the perfect gift. This is a limited release with Atlas & Eden tags, and we don’t have many of them.

Pure genius.

Read about why we collaborated with Ikeuchi Organic. They’re a brand like no other.

The ecology of luxury: Australia’s best organic cotton for bath & baby

What happens to organic cotton in the hands of Japanese perfection? We explore the most pure, luxurious and ecologically responsible babywear and bath towels in the world, available right here in Australia.

Ikeuchi Organic: Japan’s eco-cotton visionaries

With a vision of environmental harmony, Keishi Ikeuchi transformed his father’s small-town towel company into a global leader. We asked him what it took to get there, and why everyone at Ikeuchi Organic is so happy.

30% OFF

Japanese Organic

S60 Ultra-Premium Cotton Towels

Exalt your bathroom and feel your body yield to the organic cotton luxury of Ikeuchi’s masterwork.

$48 $33 - $148 $103

Colours: Charcoal, ivory, beige

30% OFF

Japanese Organic

S32 Premium Cotton Towels

Beneath a classic form is a strong working towel, with all-round excellence making the S32 range both a need and a want.
$39 $27 - $109 $76

Colours: White, grey, olive grey

30% OFF

Japanese Organic

Organic Bamboo Towels

Silken bamboo absorbency with a refreshingly thin profile for those who like it light, ecological & smart.
$25 $17 - $65 $45

Colours: Mist green, white, beige

30% OFF

Japanese Organic

Kimono-Style Bath Robe

A kimono-style bath robe woven from a native understanding of the aesthetics of bath culture.

Colours: White, grey

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