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A pristine blend for work or study developed to invoke focus, memory & creative thinking.



Breaking news: Procrastination found dead.

A brain brew delivering a nurturing approach to the work and productivity beverage, with a light, delicious taste for all-day enjoyment. Rather than tricking your brain with other options, work with it, and unlock the difference.

5 reviews for NeuroFocus

  1. Lyntton T. (Verified Customer)

    A very easy all day sipping Tea with mild astringency even after multiple steeps. I am thoroughly enjoying this as a daily staple.

    • Atlas & Eden (store manager)

      Awesome to hear – thanks so much! (Tip: Keeping the steep temperature to 85 degrees will remove any astringency detected. NeuroFocus also works really well cold-brewed!)

  2. Martine (Verified Customer)

    Great afternoon pick me up without the jitters from caffeine.

  3. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Love having this one while working. Great for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick me up.

  4. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    This tea is so pretty and it goes down so smooth, no tangy or bitter after taste! A high quality absolutely wonderful tea to sip, especially in the early mornings before breakfast! Such a wonderful and refreshing start to the day. The quality of the ingredients is so good!

  5. Martine McLauchlan (Verified Customer)

    Another amazing tea! Have been trying to cut back on coffee and this tea is better gives a boost without the jitters!

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