Premium organic tea range

Enjoy pure handcrafted organic tea with a unique philosophy. Our creations find the secret spots that connect form, function & taste. In fact, when we design a blend or tisane, we don’t even think of it as tea. It’s a portal to a destination.

  • Peruvian Dinner Mint


    A purely addictive chocolate tea made from roasted cacao husk offering digestive bliss.

  • Blue Beauty


    A vibrant blue glamour tea for radiant skin, hair & eyes that’s surprisingly down-to-earth.

  • Fields Of Sleep


    The most effective sleep ingredients combine for a bedtime tisane unlike any other.

  • Lapsang Souchong

    Rated 0 out of 5

    An organic black tea from the altitudes of the Wuyi mountains smoked to perfection.

  • Meridian Spice


    A spirited concoction of rooibos chai exotica for all-day good health.

  • Mouth Of Babes


    Finally! A beautifully composed tisane for nursing mothers which actually tastes amazing.

  • NeuroFocus


    A pristine blend for work or study developed to invoke focus, memory & creative thinking.

  • Elba Island


    An adventurous blend of palace darks, cacao husk, Madagascan vanilla, mint & sweet orange.

  • New Horizons


    A centering tisane to help find calmness, relaxation and perspective.

  • Palace Pu’er

    Rated 0 out of 5

    A palace-grade fermented tea valued for digestive benefits & complexity.

  • Kids Pure Sleep


    A gentle bedtime blend for kids with a wonderful taste to support restful sleep.

  • Silver Needle Green


    A green tea so smooth you’ll drink it for the taste & take the majestic health kick as a bonus.

  • Wildflower Immunity


    A fine-crafted Arcadian tisane marshalling the power of traditional immune ingredients.

  • Yunnan Silver Needle


    White tea buds from Yunnan offer an exquisite paradox of clarity & complexity.

  • Tea Gift Box With Ceramic Tea Set


    Your selection of 7 premium teas with a gongfu teapot and black & white cups.

  • Tea Gift Box With Ceramic Filter Cups

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Selection of our premium teas with a pair of ceramic filter tea cups.

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