Peruvian Dinner Mint

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Our purely addictive chocolate tea made from roasted cacao husk offers digestive bliss.



At the gates is an offering too good to be true.

Primal cacao husk sourced from the tropics of Peru is artisan roasted and balanced with a pair of mints for a svelte digestive tea. Peruvian Dinner Mint is a scintillating and aromatic chocolate experience without sugar, calories or caffeine, availing you of hundreds of healthful compounds. Perfect after dinner, or anytime.

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We use top-shelf cacao husk, and delicately balance the primal gratification of chocolate with just the right inflections of mint to double-down on the digestion benefits that cacao already offers. After a meal, there’s nothing like it.

Not just a pretty taste

Sugar free, dairy free, caffeine free and gluten free, keto-friendly chocolate tea.

Ancient technology, timeless style

Our European jars are made of dark ultraviolet glass, and not just because it makes them uniquely beautiful. They’re designed to preserve the vitality of anything they hold, by filtering out destructive light and only allowing a specific spectrum of energy-preserving light. This technology can be traced to ancient Egypt and is validated by modern science, allowing you to keep your tea on display in perfect control conditions.

Taste Notes

Chocolate with mint; overall light & refreshing.

Brew Method

2 tsp per 250mL at 100°C for 3-5 min

Organic Ingredients

Roasted Peruvian cacao husk, spearmint, peppermint

Traditional Uses/Beliefs
Cacao Husk
Theobroma Cacao
  • Digestion
  • High fibre
  • Rejuvenating properties
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pregnancy lactation (local Peruvian belief)
Mentha Spicata
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Gut muscle relaxant
  • Stomach soothing
  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Helps common digestive/gastrointestinal issues
Mentha Piperita
  • Appetite suppressant via aroma
  • Soothes stomach ailments
  • Fresh breath via menthol/antibacterial properties
N.B.Do not self-diagnose. Always consult a qualified medical practitioner regarding any symptoms or suitability of herbs/tea for you.
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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Premium UV Jar (60g), Paper Refill Bag (60g), Sample Bag

Approx Serves

Premium UV Jar: 40, Paper Refill Bag: 40


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5 reviews for Peruvian Dinner Mint

  1. Margaret M. (Verified Customer)

    Lovely rich satisfying flavour.

    • Atlas & Eden (store manager)

      Thanks – glad you like it!

  2. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Definitely yummy choc-mint vibes 🙂

  3. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    I absolutely LOVE this tea!! It is so colourful and beautiful when it brews in the mug, fresh organic ingredients and flowers and it’s taste is so smooth and refreshing. I highly recommend the Persian dinner mint tea for an after dinner treat! The smell of the chocolate and mint combination fills the kitchen and it’s so delightful with each sip.

  4. Robert M. (Verified Customer)


  5. Brooke E. (Verified Customer)

    This tea is definitely in my top two ! It’s has the yummiest taste, it’s so chocolate-y and refreshing at the same time ! And I love that it’s so good for me too 🙂

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