Palace Pu'er

A palace-grade fermented tea valued for digestive benefits & complexity.



Pu’er is a traditional post-fermented Chinese tea valued for digestive benefits. Praised for nuance and complexity, it has a kindred connection to terroir. Pu’er appreciation takes on the mode of the vinous arts, and it also ages like fine wine. Experience hints of woody notes suffused through a rich earthy malt.

Connected: Culture and function courses through this brew. Pu’er is named after its provincial origin, and we’ve used the word ‘palace’ in reference to its high grade. Traditionally, Pu’er is used as a digestive tea due to the probiotic micro-organisms that have been used to assist immunity and weight loss. It’s a warm, filling tea in which you can almost taste history in the dark brown leaves.

Perfect for: After a meal. Also good for staving off a meal, if that is the goal.

The Jar

Our European tea jars are made of dark ultra-violet glass, and are the embodiment of functional beauty. By filtering out destructive light and only allowing a specific spectrum of energy-preserving light, they’re designed to preserve the vitality of anything they hold. This photo-technology can be traced to ancient Egypt and is validated by modern science, allowing you to keep your tea on display in perfect control conditions.


Flavours range from leathery, earthy, chocolatey, malty, woody.


1-2 tsp per 250mL at 95-100°C for 4-5 min


100% organic: Palace-grade Pu’er (Pu’erh) tea.

140g | Approx. 75 serves

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