Lapsang Souchong

An organic black tea from the altitudes of the Wuyi mountains smoked to perfection.



Smouldering notes of cigar, whiskey and Dragon Eye.

This organic rendition of the famous smoked black tea is warm, elemental and adventurous. Appealing with rugged simplicity and pairing irresistibly with meals, it offers liquid satisfaction with a perfect amount of smokiness.

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Grown in the Wuyi mountains, our Lapsang Souchong of choice is pine-smoked with a small fire packing during the drying process. This invokes subtle notes of a Chinese fruit called longan, a lychee relative, known as ‘Dragon’s Eye’, and dominant vice notes of whiskey and cigar. Other versions of Lapsang Souchong can vary wildly, with some too weak and others over-smoked. We tested a lot of different options, and liked this one the most – and it’s organic.

It pairs well with breakfast, kindling elemental olfactory cues. It’s a great coffee replacement, and could be tried as a stand-in for other vices. With the warmth and natural metre of a pleasant campfire, it’s a severely underrated tea option. Pure and satiating, it’s potential black gold to those on a keto diet or intermittent fasting.

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The Jar

Our European tea jars are made of dark ultra-violet glass, and are the embodiment of functional beauty. By filtering out destructive light and only allowing a specific spectrum of energy-preserving light, they’re designed to preserve the vitality of anything they hold. This photo-technology can be traced to ancient Egypt and is validated by modern science, allowing you to keep your tea on display in perfect control conditions.


Smoked black tea with malty notes of cigar, whiskey & longan.


2 tsp per 250mL at 100°C for 3-5 min


100% organic: Genuine Wuyishan Lapsang Souchong (Zheng Shan Souchong).

100g | Approx. 65 serves

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