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S60 Organic Cotton Bath Range

The S60 bath towel is a Japanese masterclass on the art of luxury.



Exalt your bathroom and feel your body yield to the organic cotton luxury of Imabari’s masterwork. The S60 bath range succeeds in achieving the elusive balance between softness, style and strength. As a functional luxury or an interior design highlight, it is the ultimate comfort for you or your guests. And as a work of art, this range inspires conversation.

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Bath mats

Like standing on a cloud, the S60 bath mat transforms bathroom routine into divine ritual. It is woven in Japan from the highest grade organic cotton. It is double thickness of the bath towel for unparalleled softness and absorbency. With thousands of neurosensors under each human foot, it is little wonder that there is something calming about stepping onto this halcyon swathe – a centering moment welcome in anyone’s day.

Seriously fine thread

The S60 is in rarified air when it comes to engineering. It’s authentic softness is a product of an extremely high yarn count of 60 – yarn so fine that it is used to make dress shirts. Working with such delicate thread is a challenge requiring generations of skill and state-of-the-art technology.

Meticulously yarn-dyed

Prior to weaving, the thread is dyed individually in a process known as yarn dyeing. Unlike piece dying, in which the whole finished towel is dyed, yarn dyeing better preserves the feel of natural cotton comfort.

Triple-threaded weave

The S60 is constructed from three super-fine threads, each thread dyed a complementary colour. They are then combined to make a single yarn from which the S60 is woven.

Three sophisticated colours

Available in ivory, beige or charcoal, perfect for classic or contemporary environments.

World’s Best

Read our articles above to see why Ikeuchi Organic cotton products are the best in the world. With the strictest purity and fair trade conditions, use of 100% renewable wind energy, mastery of harmless dyes and access to deep spring water sources, their products are an astounding display of multi-generational artisan knowledge. Ikeuchi Organic lead the pursuit of complete harmony between humanity and the environment, presenting us with the true meaning of luxury.

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