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S32 Organic Cotton Bath Range

Vested with the strength of a workhorse, the S32 bath towel is absorbant, durable and stylish.



The S32 bath towel is genius. Beneath a classic form is a strong working towel, with all-round excellence making the S32 range both a need and a want. Masterfully woven in Imabari Japan from the highest grade organic cotton, you can see and feel the water disappear from your skin. Designed to excel as a durable working towel, it also conquers the eyes with classic style. Wash after wash, guest after guest, the S32 proves why it is the choice of some of Japan’s most prestigious hotels.

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Bath mat

Nice and compact, this very absorbent and durable bath mat performs its duty in high style. Produced from the same high grade organic cotton, the S32 bath mat offers style and performance in a convenient size. Feel the water draw off from beneath your feet with satisfying Japanese efficiency. Watch it retain its shape, colour and effectiveness over a stoic lifespan dedicated to your comfort.

Weighty & resilient

The S32 extols the virtues of a bit of heft in a towel. Enhanced absorbancy, high durability and a substantially more tactile experience are advantages of a weightier towel over mass-produced ones concerned only for out-of-the-box fluff and floss.

Fine double-yarn

The characteristics of quality organic cotton shine with a fine yarn count of 32. Two of these yarn are expertly interlocked to weave the S32.

Low impact dye

Each organic cotton towel is dyed using reactive dyes so that the colour stay strong through its lifetime. Aside from being fade-resistant, freedom from heavy metals make it the safest dye for all ages and skin types.

Three classic colours

Available in white, grey and an alluring olive grey. Stitched with smart linear trims, the S32 set will enhance the profile of any feature bathroom.

World’s Best

Read our articles above to see why Ikeuchi Organic cotton products are the best in the world. With the strictest purity and fair trade conditions, use of 100% renewable wind energy, mastery of harmless dyes and access to deep spring water sources, their products are an astounding display of multi-generational artisan knowledge. Ikeuchi Organic lead the pursuit of complete harmony between humanity and the environment, presenting us with the true meaning of luxury.

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