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Luxury Organic Cotton Bath Robe

Made for serious Japanese bath culture, this robe is practical, stylish & warm – you’d be forgiven for never taking it off.

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In Japan, it’s designed to be seen. Well-weighted with a tailored lapel, you’ll be secretly hoping someone catches a glimpse. Organic cotton at a 20 yarn-count lets your skin live and breathe, unlike synthetic imitations. This is serious robe is engineered for outstanding water absorbency, and can be used in place of a towel.

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Press reset

This robe has the welcome effect of formalising your bathroom time. Draped in top-grade organic cotton towel warmth, you’ll discover why such time is valued by highly productive cultures as the most effective way to relax and recharge.

No pockets

This robe is the ideal vestment for relaxing bathing areas. Remove the interruptions, treat your naked skin to the best nature has to offer and simply be comfortable in yourself.

Universal fit

Loose fit with 3/4 kimono sleeves, perfect for navigating water, hair-curlers, babies, cosmetics or drinks. Measurements: length 111cm, width 64cm, sleeve length 71cm.

Two classic colours

White or grey.

World’s Best

Read our articles above to see why Ikeuchi Organic cotton products are the best in the world. With the strictest purity and fair trade conditions, use of 100% renewable wind energy, mastery of harmless dyes and access to deep spring water sources, their products are an astounding display of multi-generational artisan knowledge. Ikeuchi Organic lead the pursuit of complete harmony between humanity and the environment, presenting us with the true meaning of luxury.


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