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Organic Bamboo Bath Range

Light yet ultra-absorbent, silken soft bamboo pile weaves a classic herringbone pattern across an organic cotton base.



In the pursuit of practical comfort, our bamboo bath towel achieves close to a best-of-all-worlds solution. The bamboo-rayon pile is silky, cool to the touch and quick-drying. Woven to a pure organic cotton base, it is light and flexible yet absorbs water at a faster rate than cotton.

Bamboo rayon is made from the fibres of the bamboo plant which renews in 2-3 year cycles, making these towels a highly sustainable option. After the first wash, the shiny-new rayon microfibres settle in and the bamboo-cotton works wonders. Silky and practical, it’s easy to forget that this is also the ultimate sports towel.

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Light, thin & fast-drying

Light-weight with a thin profile. So where does the water go? The classic herringbone weave of bamboo-rayon on cotton cleverly absorbs water at speed and simultaneously exposes it to air for fast air-drying. Meanwhile, all you feel is silk.

Better than cotton?

In some key respects, yes, though it is a matter of preference. Fast absorbing, quick drying, and no heaviness.

Low impact dye

Each bamboo towel is dyed using reactive dyes so that the colour stay strong through its lifetime. Aside from being fade-resistant, freedom from heavy metals make it the safest dye for all ages and skin types.

Contemporary colours

Available in white, beige and soft green to quietly adorn any bathroom with practicality, style and ecological consciousness.

World’s Best

Read our articles above to see why Ikeuchi Organic cotton products are the best in the world. With the strictest purity and fair trade conditions, use of 100% renewable wind energy, mastery of harmless dyes and access to deep spring water sources, their products are an astounding display of multi-generational artisan knowledge. Ikeuchi Organic lead the pursuit of complete harmony between humanity and the environment, presenting us with the true meaning of luxury.

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