Limited Edition

Premium organic Baby Gift Boxes

To commemorate the release of our mother’s tea, Mouth Of Babes, we couldn’t resist collaborating with Ikeuchi Organic to create limited release baby gift hampers of pure beauty. Presented in our classic gift box, each composition features Japanese organic cotton babywear paired with your choice of top-rated French organic champagne or our premium mother’s tea, with a personalised wax-sealed gift note. We didn’t create many of them, so don’t miss out.

Pure beauty.

Read about why we collaborated with Ikeuchi Organic. They’re a brand like no other.

The ecology of luxury: Australia’s best organic cotton for bath & baby

What happens to organic cotton in the hands of Japanese perfection? We explore the most pure, luxurious and ecologically responsible babywear and bath towels in the world, available right here in Australia.

Ikeuchi Organic: Japan’s eco-cotton visionaries

With a vision of environmental harmony, Keishi Ikeuchi transformed his father’s small-town towel company into a global leader. We asked him what it took to get there, and why everyone at Ikeuchi Organic is so happy.

40% OFF

Baby Boy

Luxury organic gift box for boys

An ingenious chocolate-brown origami bear watches with Prussian-blue eyes over a blue-trimmed Japanese organic cotton baby set.
$509 $305 - $659 $395
40% OFF

Baby Girl

Luxury organic gift box for girls

A gorgeous origami bear insists that you choose the rosé to match her eyes & the pure organic Japanese cotton pink-trimmed baby set.
$509 $305 - $659 $395
40% OFF

Baby Neutral

Either way, it's genius: Neutral organic gift box

A fawn-coloured origami bear towel with khaki features awaits a new friend, accompanied by a cleverly-neutral organic cotton baby set.
$509 $305 - $659 $395
40% OFF

Baby Neutral

Bath time bonding: Organic baby gift box

Take bath time to a level of Edenic purity with a Japanese organic cotton baby bath robe, origami bear towel beset with khaki, set of three organic bamboo wash towels, plus a natural deep sea sponge.
$529 $317 - $679 $407
40% OFF

Baby Neutral

Knitwear to be born for: Japanese organics

Adorable Japanese-crafted grey & white organic knitwear set featuring socks, beanie & full-length wrap. New friend the honey origami bear towel with flame & khaki eyes is there too.
$559 $335 - $709 $425
40% OFF

Mother & Baby

Together forever: Organic bath robe gift box

The deluxe simplicity of organic bath robes for mother & baby is symbolic & practical. Each robe is a product of genuine Japanese bath culture mastery, paired with a top-rated organic vintage or rosé libation for mum.
$835 $501 - $865 $519
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